Delta-8 Hemp Roll | Blue Dream


These tubes contain a 1 gram blend of our organically grown CBG and CBD hemp flower with Delta 8 THC oil sprayed on. 48 hours after the Delta 8 has saturated the flower we add in strain-specific terpenes to enhance the flavor profile and efficacy. With over 128mg of Delta 8 THC and 19% total cannabinoids, these hand-rolled beauties pack quite a punch and are 100% federally legal.

Blue Dream is a balanced hybrid that is known to produce creative invigoration balanced with total-body relaxation. The flavor profile smells and tastes like sweet berries. 

At Parton's Naturals, we are small business owners and their families. We believe in supporting small local farmers and the community through a cooperative approach that brings economies of scale on a local level. Through a network of farmers and shared best practices under the Parton's roof, the company brings enhanced value to the small farm.

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