Growing a Healthy America

Growing a Healthy America

Sustainable Farming

Transforming Local Farming Communities

Hemp is a game changer for American farmers - plain and simple. Not only does this crop offer a wealth of environmental benefits, it has created a new sustainable source of revenue for small and medium-sized farming families.

As an annual crop, it grows quickly and requires less water than many other commercial crops, with long roots that help prevent soil erosion. It’s very hardy, and is naturally resistant to most pests so there’s no need to use agricultural chemicals. Best of all - hemp absorbs more CO2 than trees. Mind-blowing.

All of the hemp at Hemp Hill Farms is grown in a way that regenerates the land, sustains our farmers, and revitalizes our communities. Parton's Naturals' farmers share resources and knowledge to develop sustainable farming techniques for high-quality hemp that lifts the entire farming community.

To avoid waste and keep the plant’s benefits intact, farmers at Parton's Naturals use the whole plant after harvest to create a variety of premium hemp-related products.

Quality From the Source

Experience top-grade botanical alternatives for healthy living from Hemp Hill Farms.

Beginning with the highest quality genetics, our smokables are 100% organically grown and are carefully curated without adding any chemicals or toxins for a fast and targeted effect.

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A Cooperative of Farmers

The Hemp Hill Farm’s co-operative was founded by American farming families from North Carolina to California. Our farmers are committed to growing all-natural hemp through organic practices. We are GMP certified and produce products that we use ourselves to manage stress, inflammation, pain, sleep, and total body wellness.

This network of family farms introduces regenerative agriculture practices to the emerging US-hemp market. Our farmers benefit from equally shared costs, equipment, and business support to transition into hemp farming and be competitive.

This enables us to have a clean, dependable harvest free of toxic pesticides. Every farmer in our cooperative network has pledged to never use harmful chemicals, to use rich soils, and to use regenerative agricultural methods.

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Supporting American Farmers

Shared costs, equipment, and business support to transition into competitive hemp farming.