An American Hemp Farming Co-operative

The Hemp Hill Farm’s co-operative was founded by American farming families from North Carolina to California. We are all-natural, organically-grown, GMP certified, and produce products that we use ourselves to manage stress, inflammation, pain, sleep, and total body wellness. Our farms reintroduce natural waste back into the soil to create an environment for hemp plants that thrive through natural means.

This network of family farms introduces regenerative agriculture practice to the emerging US-hemp market. Our farmers benefit from equally shared costs, equipment, and business support to transition into hemp farming and be competitive.

We are passionate about connecting sustainability with profitability to revitalize rural communities and lift our farmers.

A promise to our farmers

As a member of the Hemp Hill Farming Family, you are OUR family. Our business model puts our farmers at the forefront of our business.

As a Hemp Hill Farmer, you will receive:

  • A solid network of other farming families – friends, colleagues, and neighbors
  • Shared costs, shared equipment, shared risk, shared rewards
  • Fair and honest business relationships with shared equity, risk, losses, and gains
  • Coaching, mentoring, guidance, assistance, and continued support through our frequent conference calls, learning opportunities, guest lecturers, specialty agricultural experts
  • Farm transition support to enable you to successfully transition from other crops or transition unused land into cultivation
  • Continuous soil and crop testing, support and mentorship to receive organic certification, sustainability assistance (reducing costs, increasing yield, healing, or restoring environmental conditions