Our team had two goals for Parton's Naturals

  1. Offer premium quality, 100% organically grown Hemp products that offer botanical alternatives for healthy living.
  2. Introduce sustainable practices that uplift American farmers and American land.

The Parton's Naturals difference

We are proud of our products and the farmers behind them. We set the standard for seed selection and farming best practices. Our strict quality control policies manage the entire process from seed to shelf. Parton's Naturals represent the return of the small American farm and bring generations of methodology and care to our organically grown hemp crops. Our farmers are a critical foundation of our vertically integrated network.

This integration along each stage of our product development removes additional costs from external suppliers and ensures consistent, all-natural yields. This means more income for our farmers and lower costs for our customers.

Sustainably farmed, organically grown

Unlike other hemp flower and oils, our products swap harsh chemicals for a 100% organically grown and American-grown hemp. We are focused on capturing sustainable supply first. This enables us to have a clean, dependable harvest free of toxic pesticides. Every farmer in our cooperative network has pledged to never use harmful chemicals, to use rich soils, and to use regenerative agricultural methods.

Low waste

To avoid waste and keep the plant’s benefits intact, we use the whole plant to create a variety of premium hemp-related products. We use both the biomass and flower to ensure the strongest yield for our farmers.

We believe in community

Sustainability is key for our environment and our farmers. The Parton's Naturals network guarantees a reliable income and a safe, clean yield through equal access to fair and equitable ag production. This network of agricultural connections is revitalizing small American farms.

Testing and safety

Our products come from sustainable hemp that is Non-GMO and organically cultivated without pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. Our hemp is tested three times by independent labs to ensure accuracy in potency and to check for contaminants like pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and molds.