100% Organic. Female Owned. American Grown.

Parton's Naturals is a collaboration of farmers, parents, scientists, and entrepreneurs who believe in the power of clean hemp. Our goal is to provide all-natural, organically-grown hemp for whole-body wellness and relaxation. Our hemp and CBD experience began out of a search for safe alternatives to pharmaceuticals to address localized pain and anxiety management.

All of our hemp is grown in a way that regenerates the land, sustains our farmers, and revitalizes our communities. Parton's Naturals farmers share resources and knowledge to develop sustainable farming techniques for high-quality hemp that lift the entire farming community. Together we thrive on equality and fairness.

Beginning with the highest quality genetics, our smokables are 100% organically grown and contain 100% hemp flower. Each blend is carefully curated without adding any chemicals or toxins for a fast and targeted effect. All Parton's Naturals products begin with this high-quality hemp.

Reimagining regenerative farming

Sustainable farming revolves around rotating crops to keep soil nutrients up. Hemp is an annual crop that grows quickly and is an ideal crop for rotation. It requires less water than many other commercial plants, and is far more pest resistant reducing the need for pesticides.

Our Farming Family

We are a tight-knit team formed from friendship – a group of family women and men. Our adventurous board of advisors keeps us accountable and pushes us to new limits, while we carefully build a new standard for sustainable and ethical hemp farming.