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About Us

Our story

Our mission is to design botanical alternatives, empowering individuals to navigate life's trials with a healthier, more natural approach.

Why we founded partons

our journey to cbd

Parton's was born from the friendship of three friends. Our journey into the world of CBD began when one of our founders, who had maintained sobriety since 2008, faced a daunting surgery. In search of a safe and effective pain management option without narcotics, our founder was met with the challenge of finding relief without intense side effects.

We quickly realized we needed a different path, a safer and more effective way to address the physical and emotional turmoil that had unexpectedly become a part of our lives.

This experience ignited our shared passion, leading us to create Parton's. Today, we are committed to providing natural, CBD-based solutions that offer comfort, calm, and relief without the dangers associated with excessive pharmaceutical intervention.

Clean ingredients

In a world brimming with options, we've harnessed the potential of CBD and Delta 8 to assist you in managing stress and anxiety, while offering relief from inflammation, pain, and muscle strains.

There is so much natural goodness that comes from the earth. Better than compounds made in a lab. Our carefully curated botanical blends offer a gentle, holistic alternative, supporting your well-being with the purity and efficacy only nature can provide.